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Market Entry in China

Market Entry in China with all legal ramnifications

China is an important market for our clients, because it offers exceptional opportunities. It would be negligent to ignore them. However, the prevailing legal, economic and cultural circumstances are quite different from those in the West. Hence, a thorough preparation is not only important, but an essential prerequisite in order to achieve the desired to business success.

Our offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore with their highly qualified and experienced lawyers and staff are prepared to help, accompany and guide our clients in this attractive market.

That includes

  • Foreign direct investments (FDI) in China, including joint ventures, 100% subsidiaries, holding companies, regional headquarters and representative offices
  • Chinese labor and social security law
  • Review of accounting and Company documents (due diligence) specifically prior to company acquisitions in China
  • Legal opinions on Chinese law
  • Litigation in employment, civil and administrative matters, arbitration and mediation
  • Intellectual property protection and strategies, including their enforcement; registration of trademarks
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts to public offices and agencies( government relation management)
  • Specific legal and business know-how in special areas, including yachting and shipbuilding, consumer goods and digital marketing
  • Real estate and construction law
  • Bankruptcy law, including restructuring and liquidation of companies in China
  • Transfer of technology and licensing law
  • M & A inward and outbound of China
  • Sales and distribution law