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Estate Planning

German and cross-border estate planning

We provide legal advice to entrepreneurs or individuals and not only for transferring assets to the next generation, but also if they want to distribute assets which they received as beneficiaries.

Considering our clients´ personal and economic circumstances we advise on how to draft wills and testamentary agreements. In doing so, we not only keep in mind the rights of those individuals who might be subject to a forced heirship and the tax consequences of asset transfers.

In the event that the client is the beneficiary of rights originating from the passing of the deceased we support him in exercising his rights. Some of our clients have been appointed as executors or administrators of estates and appreciate our legal advice in carrying out their obligations in managing and distributing the estate.

Having the benefit of offices in Germany, France, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Singapore and China we assist in domestic and transnational estate matters.

Our services include

  • Pre or post death legal advice on issues relating to estate, family, company and/or tax law
  • Estate planning for domestic and cross-border estates
  • Succession planning for businesses in Germany and abroad
  • Drafting of last wills and inheritance agreements
  • Drafting of agreements for the renouncing of forced and regular inheritances
  • Asset distribution to several heirs
  • The law of forced heirship
  • Challenging of last wills
  • Procedure to claim certificates of heirship
  • Execution of the estates
  • Transfer of assets upon death
  • Estate and gift law